Wordo Word Generator

A place to generate words to spec.

This is a word generator based on Arne Sostack's application. It is a miniature domain specific language for generating random words according to a phonotactics system. Scroll down to learn more.

Paste in your code or click a canned wordo program on the right side of the page. Then click generate.

Here is the link to the Arne Sostack's official website. He wrote this application's core engine & has released the source code under an MIT license.

It isn't a dictionary! Meanings, if assigned, are assigned at random

There are about 3 or 4 versions, depending on where you download from. It requires installing gtk and possibly compiling from source to get the things to work right (well some versions did).

I thought it would be nice to be able to post a phonotactics program so I could give people a link to this website and they could generate some words.

This version doesn't require anything more than a browser. It holds the last 10 programs in memory. I have not surfaced all the features, for example, when you generate a word, it can generate all the possible forms of that word and format them various means for use in dictionaries.

The forums are up and running at time of writing if you need more human help. Also checked out the lessons

Include Meanings:

Note: To set # items generated use the command
StartingRule verb 5