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Warning! Using Meanings Lists in Word Generation

If you have a 1:1 correspondence between your language's words and another language, you have created a relex. A relex maybe fine for what you are trying to achieve, for example, if you are trying to achieve a con-dialect, a not-very difficult crypto-language, or something that will entertain 10 year olds (not unlike the language of Boba Fett, which appears to largely be a relex of English.)

In the real world, the grammatical bits and pieces tend to be the most common. It isn't easy to remove these from the list because the dividing line between grammatical words and content words is fuzzy, with many words playing both roles. Grammatical words and particles will not necessarily have or need a corresponding word in your language.

In the real world, the meanings and usages of a word in one language will match up in strange ways to the words of another language. The Icelandic word "leĂ°inlegt" means both boring, unpleasant and unfortunate and describes both a boring movie and your cat getting hit by a car this morning. Some words in English have dozens of distinct meanings-- it is unlikely that all of those meanings will magically appear in a coresponding package in another language. If puns work in English and in your language, you may be relexing.

In the real world, languages can have many many more words of one lexical class than another. For example, there are languages with only 20 verbs, languages with only 10 or so adjectives, etc.

Unless you want a relex, you will have to manually examine the results, rip out basic words that seem inappropriate, add meanings that are missing, repackages things, and provide sample sentences.